Give The Gift Of Hope

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Thank you for your emails, here are some of the questions I get and the answers:

I don't have any money, but I still want to help, what can I do?
You can put a banner on your website by using this code:

How did you make this site?
The wonderful people over at Right Click Web Design were generous enough to donate thier services to such a great cause.

Are you for real?
Yes, I am real and so is my site. As a safety precaution I won't be giving out pictures or personal information.

I see ads/pop-ups on this page.
Since our budget is so tight with covering fertitily costs, I have chosen to use a free website with ads and pop-ups.

Will you go out with me for money?
Sorry, no, I don't sell myself for money, not that there is anything wrong with doing that, its just not me.

Thank you!!!